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granulations were removed from the trachea. Dr. Bliijen zoloft street value remarked that a dyspnoea of several weeks' duration was sufficient cause for the child's sudden death from paralysis of the heart, in consequence of chronic intoxication with carbonic acid. Dr. Oheendorfer remarked that paralysis of the heart after diphtheria was not rare, and frequently produced a fatal result where it was not uuticipated. 526 PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. Dr. Jacobi said that post-diphtheritic paralysis might he recognized intra mtam. As no autopsy had been made in the case presented, the cause of death must remain obscure. When death took place in consequence of fright, no anatomical lesion was found. As the child did not actually inhale the anaesthetic previous to the second operation, it could not have been a death from chloro- form. Chloroform was well borne by children, and relieved dyspnoea. Eeferring to the seat of the granulations in the trachea. Dr. Jacobi cited a case in his own practice in which orthopnoea was present only at night. Although the laryngo- scope showed no evidence of an obstruction, a polypus of the anterior tracheal wall was suspected and found at the operation. It was so located as to obstruct respiration as soon as the child was put to bed at night in a horizontal position. Hospitals fob Contagious Diseases. — Dr. Jacobi discussed at some leugth the question of preventable disease, generic zoloft online dwelling upon the necessity of providing hospitals for the proper treatment of children suffering with contagious disor- ders, especially scarlatina and diphtheria, in all large cities. Isolation and Intelligent care were needed for the poor does zoloft have street value and the rich, in cheap zoloft no prescription order to prevent the spread of these diseases. Pecuniary aid had been promised for the establishment of such an institution buy zoloft online canada in New York. Dr. Jacobi requested all the gentlemen present to send him the history of such special zoloft online order cases occurring in their practice as would convince the public and the Legislature of the necessity of a special hospital for contagious diseases in our city. Dr. A. G. Gebster, Secretary. A stated meeting was held December 23, 1881, Dr. Geuening in the chair. Dr. W. KuDLicH exhibited the left lung of a man, fifty years old, who had died suddenly; he complained of difficulty in breathing, and was dead before a physician arrived. The zoloft 100 mg street value man zoloft 300 mg per day was very fat, weighing above three hundred pounds. With the exception of a sharp attack of pleurisy, some years ago, he had never buy generic zoloft online been i took 300 mg of zoloft sick. At the autopsy, the left lung was found no larger than a man's fist, and entirely surrounded by a thick and dense membrane. This sac-like mem- brane also contained a large fibrinous clot. No important changes were found in the right lung and larger vessels. Dr. RuDisoii thought that death resulted from embolic closure of a vessel in the right lung. Dr. KuDLicH remarked that he held the same opinion, although nothing of the kind was found on examination. An Ovum of Two "Weeks. — Dr. Seibeet showed a complete ovum, which was expelled from a woman who believed herself to be five weeks pregnant. The sac was as large as a filbert, the embryo not quite 2 mm. long. The egg generic zoloft sale was evidently not more than two weeks old. Foreign Body in the Larynx. — Dr. Geuening showed a fragment of street value zoloft 100mg bone which he had removed from the larynx of a woman. The patient experienced at the dinner-table the sensation of swallowing a bone, and had a sharp attack of dyspnoea. This soon passed off ; slight pain in swallowing persisted, generic zoloft online pharmacy no prescription however, for which she consulted Dr. Gerster. He explored the esophagus, and, not finding a foreign body, sent the patient to Dr. Gruening, as the symptoms were not urgent. Dr. Gruening found a piece of bone impacted between the vocal cords, and succeeded in removing it, after several attempts, with the forceps. Aphonia persisted for several days without pain. The removal of impacted foreign bodies from the larynx should always be attempted by forceps before performing tra- ^^EW YORK SOCIETY OF GERMAN PHYSICIANS. 527 cheotomy ; this operation should not be performed at once for the removal of all kinds of foreign bodies of the larynx, as advised by Schiiller. Dr. Gerster remarked that Schiiller's advice was practically good, and ap- plied to practitioners in the country and small towns, where a skilled throat specialist was not always at hand. Dr. Oppexheimer showed a rubber plate with two artificial teeth attached which he had removed from the larynx of a woman, fifty years old, by means of Mackenzie's forceps, its extraction being accomplished by force, as it was firmly impacted between the cords. Foreign Bodies in the zoloft 300 mg a day Knee Joint. — Dr. Gerster showed a hard cartila- ginous body, about 2 ctm. square, which he had removed from the knee joint by an incision under antiseptic precautions. Primary union took place buy generic zoloft online no prescription with no functional disturbance. A second specimen, removed in the same manner and with good result, does zoloft come 150 mg tablets consisted of several pieces of a fungus-like mass, taking its ori- gin from the inferior border of the knee-cap. The patient was a girl, fourteen years old, who complained of occasional swelling of the knee with severe pain. Dr. Gerster discussed at length the advantages of the antiseptic method in sur- gery, 80 universally practiced in Europe, and so little recognized and adopted in our own country. This might be accounted zoloft online pharmacy no prescription for, if we remembered that our large American hospitals were not institutes of learning in the strict sense of the word, with statistical reports of results achieved. Our hospital surgeons had a short term of service, which did not permit of a fair comparison of the results of one method of treatment with those of another. If the good work done in our American hospitals would bear comparison with that of the older institutions of Europe, it was in a great measure due to the excellent hygienic conditions under which they were kept. Tapping the Mastoid Process. — Dr. Knapp was consulted by a young lady, sixteen years old, who had suffered from severe headache for several months. On examination, otitis media with zoloft price comparison partial deafness was detected ; the tympanic membrane had a cloudy appearance, but was not perforated ; zoloft 300 mg daily pressure over the mastoid process caused pain. He proceeded to tap the bone, and found the peri-

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