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recognized by students as well as by the profession at large. This idea is not original with Where To Buy Amoxicillin the author, as the same object has been previously aimed at by some authors in Europe, in special surgical departments, and, in the anatomical line, of late by one in this country ; but by no one else has a com- plete work upon all branches of anatomical study been announced upon this plan. The idea is certainly a good one ; in most instances the author has performed his allotted task with credit to himself, and it will undoubtedly be of great benefit to those who will read his work. After a careful perusal of the various sections of the text, which comprise the practical hints sug- gested by the parts under consideration, for the purpose of comparing the incorporated suggestions with those of other authors in the same depart- ment, it strikes the reviewer that the physiological deductions have been either omitted or allowed to become subsidiary, when incorporated, to hints of a purely surgical or medical character. These may be the more important to the practitioner in active practice, and hence the great desid- eratum in the mind Buy Trimox Online of the author; but to the student, it strikes us, many points which might be suggested by a discussion of the general plan of con- struction of the bony framework would be of great value as aids in attempts to fix facts in the memory, and would not be out of place in a work de- signed for their use, as the preface states that this one is. As examples of this want, the " remarks " Trimox 500 upon the bones forming the base of the skull seem to be deficient in this particular, although replete with practical in- formation for the surgeon. We confess some surprise that the author prefers Trimox Indications " scapulas " to scapulae (page 97) ; that no systematic classification of bony prominences and de- pressions is attempted in order to show the beginner the derivation of many of the adjectives commonly applied to them, and the grounds for their use or selection ; that the short bones are made to include the metacar- pal and metatarsal bones, and the clavicles (page 98) Trimox 500 Mg ; that the order of enu- meration of the bones of the skull appears to show a lack of method, which is in marked contrast to the system shown elsewhere throughout the entire volume ; and that the tabular form of arrangement is not employed oftener than it is for the benefit of students, who are generally over-burdened with anatomical facts which they are only too glad to systematize in their memo- ries. We have noticed occasional instances of Order Trimox looseness of expression. One of the most striking of these occurs on the first page of Part II (page 97). It would seem to allow the Buy Trimox reader to infer that the four mesial bones of the cranium are not bones of the skull. 490 REVIEWS AND LITERARY NOTES. These are, however, but minor defects Buy Amoxicillin ; and what book in its first edi- tion does not have them ? The work, as a whole, shows Trimox Dosage a great amount of research, and reflects credit upon its author. Its pages teem with well- culled facts which can not be found in the ordinary anatomical treatises. To the more advanced students in anatomy, as well as to the profession at large, it will prove a valuable companion, and one often referred Where Can I Buy Amoxicillin to. Regarding the illustrations, such unstinted praise can not be accorded. They are, for the most part, accurate and of large size, but they fail as a whole to impress the eye with their beauty, chiefly on account of the coarseness and wide separation of the lines used in the shading. In con- trast with the carefully finished plates of bones found in Holden's work, and even in the last edition of Wilson, they seem coarse and sketchy, and are inferior to many of the woodcuts of Gray. Now that the art of photo- engraving has reached its present state of perfection, the most elaborately finished drawing can be duplicated as cheaply as a coarse one, and at a cost far below that of an ordinary woodcut, and there seems to be less excuse than ever before for a lack of artistic effect in illustration. It is not to be inferred, however, that all of the drawings merit this criticism, as some of them are worthy of the text which they illustrate, but it is to Amoxicillin Amoxil be regretted, we think, that the artistic work is not in general of so high a finish as the undertaking deserves. The plan of printing upon each bone the names of the chief points of interest referred to in the text has been followed, after the style of Gray and some other English and German authors. We are aware that this is the popular way of disfiguring a drawing in order to save the reader the Trimox Antibiotic necessity of Trimox Online studying the details by reference to numerals, as employed in all the fine steel engravings and woodcuts of the French ; but we believe that students in particular are rendered superficial thereby, since all of the printing upon the plates is seldom if ever read, and the eye does not grasp the gross appearance of the bone so perfectly as it would if the picture were free from a mass of lettering running over it in all directions. This view is in opposition to the popular opinion, we admit ; but as one grows older in anatomical study does not the taste change, Trimox Side Effects and do not all such labor-saving devices in cuts, made at the expense of artistic effect, become distasteful ? In many instances in this work the cuts are so covered with lettering as to give the whole of a bone a blurred effect (see Plates XVI, fig. 6 ; XIX, fig. 2 ; XX, figs. 3 and 6 ; XXIV, fig. 1), which is intensified by the coarse line-shading above referred to. We do not think that Plate XXII is a faithful representation of a typical skull in profile, and it might be redrawn Amoxicillin 500 with advantage. Among the drawings which particularly merit commendation are XV, of the vertebral column ; XVII, of Trimox 500mg the sphenoid bone ; XXIII, of the base of the skull ; XXIV, more for the originality of the section than for its artistic effect ; XXV, of the thorax, sternum, and hyoid bone ; and some of the joint illustrations. All in Part I (written by Dr. Shakespeare) are lithographic, and are exceedingly creditable. EErmWS AND LITERARY NOTES. 491 The omission of color from the outlines of the muscular origins and in- sertions of each bone, as found in Holden and the latest edition of Wilson, seems to us a mistake. Color certainly adds to the beauty of plates, and the system of using one color Amoxicillin 500 Mg for the outline of muscular insertion and an- other for that of muscular origin helps to fix the facts in the memory by means of the sense of sight far more quickly than descriptive text alone. It should be said, in justice to Mr. Faber, the artist, that in subsequent parts his drawings will probably show to better advantage, as the amount of Amoxil Trimox lettering required upon the bones (especially those of the skull) must of necessity detract from the artistic effect of a drawing to a greater degree than Generic Trimox in the other departments of anatomy. The plates designed to illustrate the ligaments are open to the objec- tion, which all drawings in black and white must afford, that the absence

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