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themselves to the surface of the cornea, assume the curvature of that structure. When this bending first commences, the structure is the same throughout the whole body of the lid, at least so far as the epithelium is concerned. After they have climbed a little way upon the globe, a tenormin iv curious change is begun, by which a great in- crease in the epithelial layer takes place by a formation of new THE DEVEL0P2IEyT OF THE EYE. 4g9 epithelial cells. These tenormin atenolol new-formed epithelial cells are produced both on the upper and on the lower side of the young lids, and extend purchase tenormin along in front of them over the surface of the cornea. They come from both sides, and extend toward the center. WJien they have reached far enough, they meet over the anterior pole, coalesce, and cover the whole globe, so that the cornea, which before was the anterior tenormin online limit of the eye, now becomes completely hidden from view. This epitheh'al tract is called the lid suture, and serves the purposes of pulling the lids down to their proper level, and of mak- ing them take the correct direction in which to develop. generic tenormin In some instances the application of the lids to the cornea is buy tenormin so tight that, before the tenormin 25mg closure has been effected, this latter structure, by reason of being pressed tenormin 25 mg at the circumference, bulges out at the center, and a nodule is produced at the pole. This is very cheap tenormin interest- ing, since if the lids do not progress equally from all side?, and if this nodule be not corrected after the lids have closed up, the ne- cessary defect is an unequal radius of curvature, and a consequent astigmatism. At any rate, we can see why it is that the normal cornea has a greater radius in the one meridian than in the other, since the lids progress from two directions, pushing the corneal tissue toward the middle. During the formation of the lids we have, toward the inner side and at the fornix, a secondary reduplication, which is the begin- ning of the membrana nictitans in animals, and the caruncula lacry- malis in the human eye. Near the time of birth of the animal the lids become separated again, so that each one is an independent member in itself. Before this separation takes place, tlie dependent parts of the lids have al- ready made their appearance, and have progressed to a greater or less degree toward perfection. Up to the time of the closing of the lids over the cornea the whole lid-body has remained homogeneous, the buy tenormin online greatest energy of development tenormin syrup having been expended in bringing about the general configuration of these members, and giving them their proper di- rection and curvature. After the closure they have their proper form and position, and we then find a second effort toward a differ- entiation of the body of the lids into the various organs which will allow them to perform their proper functions in after-life. The first one of these that we shall examine will be THE MEIBOMIAN GLANDS. Before going more specially into the manner of development of these organs, I would like to state a general law in the formation of 470 AYRES: all cavities of the body whicli have an opening on the surface. Whether they be for secretion or excretion, they all have a general structure and method of development — i. e., they commence by a de- pression from the surface, and are lined with the same epithelium which has been the production of the external germinal layer or ectoderm. Their origin is, therefore, in a sinking-in of this external layer from the surface in order tenormin online a solid state. These solid formations are composed of the epithelial cells of the surface, and internal to these depressed epithelial cylinders there is, of course, a layer which rep- resents the cutis. This whole organ, formed from epidermis and cutis, is again surrounded by the tissue of the middle germinal layer, or mesoderm, in a form or condition depending upon the or- -gan under consideration. The general configuration of the Meibomian glands forms no exception to this rule. We see that, at the place on the free mar- gins of the lids where the openings of these glands always occur, a small pouching-in of the epithelium takes place, and always tenormin tablet in a solid form. We then have cheapest tenormin a solid epithelial cylinder, one end of which is continuous with the external surface of the lids, and the inner end of which is finding its way into the compact tissue of the lid-body (which has been the product of the mesoderm). Evetzky has published a long order tenormin article on the development of the lids, in the " Archives of tenormin 50mg Ophthalmology," and, while he has made it unnecessarily long, he gives a complete picture of this portion of the development of the eye, and I would, therefore, refer the reader to his publication for the very minute details if the present short description should not prove sufficient. The Meibomian glands purchase tenormin online make their buy cheap tenormin first appearance, in the case of the ox embryo, when it has a length of from 8 to 9 ctm., and, as Evetzky remarks, are noticeable in the first stages rather by a more intense coloring with carmine of the cells tenormin 25 engaged in their formation than by any characteristic structure. In these, as in all other cutaneous glands, we find the cells of the rete Malpighii frrowino- longer, and at the same time the cells of the mesoderma increasing in number and becoming arranged in a peculiar order to admit of the developing gland. This gland pushes farther and farther in, into the lid-body, at

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