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Pharmacy and Chemistry. — The bark is the medicinal part used. As met with in the shops, it is in thin, longitudinal curved pieces, from one fourth of an inch to two or three inches in where to buy synthroid length, and from two to six lines in width, cost of synthroid with a grayish epidermis, and whit- ish-yellow or reddish-yellow internal integument ; it has no order synthroid online smell, and a peculiar, not unpleasant, bitterish pungent and astringent taste. It is frequently put up by the Shakers, when it is somewhat flattened from pressure. It has not been analyzed, but is known to contain valerianic acid. It yields its properties to water or di- luted alcohol. buy cheap synthroid For buy synthroid medicinal purposes we procure the bark of the root, shrub, and its limbs (the fresh bark is preferable), and. make a tincture with price of synthroid alcohol of Y5 or 80 per cent. (Hale.) This tincture should have a dark-red color, and a peculiar acid odor, very similar to the synthroid mcg odor of valerian. Therapeutic Properties and Uses. — " High cranberry-bark," says synthroid price Hale, "is a powerful antispasmodic, and, in consequence of this property, it is more generally known among American practitioners by the name of cramp-bark. It is very eifective in relaxing cramps and spasms of all kinds — as asthma, hysteria, cramps of the limbs and other parts in females, especially during pregnancy, and it is said to be highly beneficial to those who are subject to convulsions during pregnancy, or at the time of parturition, preventing the attacks entirely if used daily for the last two months of gestation." In the treatment of spasmodic dysmenorrhoea, for which variety this remedy is specially indicated, Hale prescribes the tincture — a few- drops three times a day for a week previous to the expected period. When the pains commence he gives it every half-hour, or every fif- teen minutes if synthroid levothyroxine the pains are severe. He has found it equally use- ful for the severe false pains preceding normal labor, which often render the woman's life a torture for weeks ; and he says " it is of 464 PURDY: THE USE OF VIBURNUM OFULUS {L.) great value in after-pains, and should be given after every pain." Cramps in the abdomen and legs of pregnant women he was able to control very quickly by it, and claims it will prevent miscarriage if given before the membranes are injured, and when the pains are spasmodic and threatening. The use of the viburnum opulus for the relief of dysmenorrhoea does not seem to have originated from professional sources. It has been in domestic use for a synthroid mg very long period as a remedy in the painful affections of women. Hale first gained his knowledge of the plant from its domestic use ; he first nsed it in the form of a weak infusion, then in drop-doses of the tincture, etc. Of its use in cases of neuralgic and spasmodic dysmenorrhoea, he has yet to meet with a single case where it has failed to cure, and states : "So confident have I been of its almost marvelous powers that I have taken pains to look up some old cases dismissed years ago as incurable, in order to test this remedy on them. In every instance thus far it has cured these old obstinate cases. Its sphere of action seems to cover nearly the same grounds as galvanism." The same writer predicts its usefulness in spasmodic conditions of all hollow muscular organs and their muscular connections. " JSTor have I decided whether it acts on the muscular tissues directly or synthroid online indirectly through the motor nerves. It may prove to be a spinal remedy after all." Dr. Meyer, of Wilkesbarre, Pa., in his suggestive pamphlet on Specific Medication, says: " Yiburnum opulus, or high cranberry, and viburnum prunifolium, or black haw, seem synthroid cost to be antispasmodic, and to have a specific action upon the uterus. I have only used the first-named of these. My employment of it has convinced me that it is a uterine sedative, and purchase synthroid often a remedy for neuralgic dys- menorrhoea, and for the commonly associated spinal irritation." I have been in the habit of ffivino; the concentrated tincture in five- and ten-minim doses for these conditions, and also as a preven- tive of threatened abortion. I believe that in the majority of cases it has accomplished the object for which it was given. order synthroid From a paper by Dr. Charles E. Hall, published in the "Phila. Med. and Surg. Reporter" for June 22, 1S78, I have made the following abstract of cases : 1. Colored woman, aged thirty five. Never pregnant, general synthroid tablets health good works hard as a washerwoman. Menstruation regular, but pain severe ; says she passes something which looks generic synthroid like shrods and patches of flesh, l^o vag. ex. ; could not rest from work. Has used various remedies, all of which had failed except opium. Gave viburnum op. three times a day for three weeks before menstrual period, and every half-hour when period arrived. lY DYSMENORRHCEA AND UTERINE PAIN. 455 Reported after four monthly periods ; was taking the remedy regularly, suffer- ing each month, but not taking opium, the pain not demanding it. She ceased taking the viburnum, and reported afterward that she had suffered as much as ever, and would not take any more of my medicine, as it did not cure unless she was always taking it. This 2)atient afterward returned for the same remedy. 2. Miss A., aged twenty. From the commencement of menstrual life has suffered severely each month ; pains spasmodic ; general health good ; is subject to hysterical attacks purchase synthroid online ; has been using opium in some form each time, usually requiring three or four doses during the first twenty-four hours. Gave viburnum three times a day during the synthroid cheap whole interval, every half-hour at the period. At the synthroid buy online next menstrual period had no pain ; remedy continued, but limited to two weeks preceding the period. Five menstrual periods have passed without pain. The patient persists in continuing the medicine. 3. Mrs. , aged twenty-two. Married two years, no children; had no

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