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.second infusicm with tliree kilogrammes of water. Strain under pressure, liltor through paper, and make, with honey and sugar, each, three kilogrammes, a syrup, which is also to be filtered through paper, and which should be of the density of 31° Baume. Dose, one to two tablespoonfuls robaxin mg a day. The Late Dr. James B. Reynolds. — Whereas, The Medical Board of the New York Foundling Asylum has learned, with deep regret and sorrow, of the death of Dr. James B. Reynolds in the midst of his usefulness and in the yjrime of his manhood. Resolved, That the Board holds in the greatest esteem the remembrance of robaxin 550 mg the active interest our late associate always took in promoting the welfare and prosperity of the New York Found- ling Asylum, atone time its only medi- cal otficer; how well he discharged robaxin generic name the laborious and onerous duties devolving upon him then, robaxin 750 the good sisters can well attest. Resolved, That as a citizen he was upright in robaxin brand name all robaxin generic his transactions ; as a friend, he was supereminent in combin- ing a suavity of manner with a noble and disinterested elevation of mind; robaxin canada as a husband and relative, he discharged all the moral robaxin euphoria and social duties of lile with a conscientious regard to affection and love ; but, as a professional brother generic for robaxin and friend, his sorrowing colleagues will long have to deplore the melancholy event which deprived them of the aid and counsel of so good and true a man. Resolved, That we tender purchase robaxin our warm- est sympathy to the robaxin 500 family of our late associate in their bereavement, and that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the thmily ; also that a copy be entered for preservation, as a minute, in the records of the Medical Board, and that copies be forwarded to the medical journals of the city for publication. J. Lewis Smith, Joseph O'Dwter, Geo. F. Carey, Committee. August 31, 1882. Whereas, The IMedical robaxin 1000 mg Board of the Nursery and Child's Hospital receive with deep sorrow the announcement of the death of Dr. James B. Reynolds, who for the past sixteen years has been a member of the attending staff of this institution, contributing so much to its welfare and robaxin 75 mg success. Resolved, That we, his former asso- ciates, desire to record our robaxin high admiration for his manly qualities, and our warm appreciation of his faitlifnl service and superior counsel,' so generously be- MISCELLANY. 447 stowed upon tliis and similar institu- tions. We would express our high regard for his learning and distinguished skill as a physician, and for his honorable and attractive jjcrsonal characteristics. Eesohed, That we robaxin 500 mg muscle relaxer deeply deplore the loss to the community and to the pro- fession of which robaxin 750 mg he was an honored member ; that we shall ever clierish the memory of our associate as an ex- ample of robaxin 500mg tablets professional rectitude robaxin 500 mg and pri- vate virtue wortliy of imitation ; and that we tender to his bereaved family our warmest sympathy in their great loss. Eesolved, That generic robaxin a copy of tliese reso- lutions be communicated to the family, and that they be published in the medi- cal journals of this city. J. J. Hull, E. L. Paetbidge,

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