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1. In proair proventil his article on the fossw prcena- extend laterally to the median surface sales of tike human skull, IIoU describes of the superior maxillary bone. These a very peculiar condition which is found fossa) have heretofore been considered in the proventil mdi Malayan races. Topinard and as belonging exclusively to non-Euro- Zuckerkandl describe these fossa) as pean races, but IIoll has also found semilunar grooves, or proventil inhaler coupon often only deep them among the inhabitants of the proventil hfa coupon Ty- semicircular depressions, which occur ro\ known sis 7'rager Tiroler proventil coupon and Kdnit- in the floor of the proventil albuterol nasal cavity on both tier. These skulls are of the greatest sides of the proventil coupons spina nasalis antica, and order proventil anthropological interest, since they are AyATOMT AND PHYSIOLOGY. 441 peculiar to the lower human families and to animals. There is another point of interest connected with them, since ■we find in the foetus of six or eight months that they have an analogue in the floor of the nasal cavities which we know as the sulcus prtenasalis. It is also of interest that, in measuring the skulls of apes, we find that the infra- orbital portion of the nasal cavity is far greater than the orbital, especially in full-grown specimens. In the course of their development there is a stage whicli corresponds to the condition of the skulls of Europeans. From various considerations we find that the skull of the Malays are intermediate between those of Europeans and those of apes in this particular — quite an interesting fact in comparative anatomy and evo- lution. 2i In his article on tlie anatomy of the pia mnter, Tuke reviews Turner's "Introduction to Human Anatomy," and takes that author to task on the pia mater. In making his study, the organs were removed from the calvaria proventil nebulizer after careful reflection of tlie dura ma- ter — all the other investments being left in situ — hardened in chromic acid, and thin sections cut perpendicular to the plane of the surface. On study of such sections we find that over the curved surface of each convolution a membrane exists investing it closely. Tliis mem- brane, the pia mater, consists of two layers of a distinctly fibrous character, bound together by connective tissue so intimately as to be inseparable, giving us every warrant to consider it as one membrane. Between these two layers and in the connective tissue the vessels ramify. No membrane external to this exists, except the dura mater. From this and other reasons he c(nicludes that a separate arachnoid membrane does not exist; proventil price that the name should be dis- pensed proventil 90 mcg with, and, as a corollary, that the tlieory of the existence of a sub-arach- noidaJ buy proventil space should be departed from ; but we should ventolin proventil s|)eak oidy of two mem- branes of the brain and spinal cord — the dura coupon for proventil mater and the pia mater; and of the two spaces — the siib-dural and the intra-pia-matral space or spaces. Slight consideration will show that something much proventil cost more important than mere accu- racy of anatomical descriptiim is in- volved in tliis contention, altlnnigh tliat is in itself no buy proventil online inconsiderable matter. The question of i)ractical importance is, What relation do the pia-matral spaces hold to the vessels and the lymphatics of the brain? He gives two litho- graphic plates and four figures. 3. Mays has described proventil hfa inhaler the methods and results of his experiment on the motions of tlie human hrain in an arti- cle of some forty pages. They were made on a girl who had a defect in the skull produced by scrofula. In her case the pulsations, etc., of the brain could easily be seen. Another case was that of a proventil inhaler man, between twenty and thirty years old, who had lost a part of his skull from an proventil inhalers injury. The movements of the brain were entirely different during sleep from those wlien the sub-

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