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March ll, 1905.] yO>prevacid generic equivalent The destructive area is small, giving as yet no physical signs of cavity, and having a correspondingly limited amount of expectoration. For phthisis. — The destructive process has ex- tended to such a degree that a small sized cavity is prevacid savings card recognizable ; prevacid otc 30mg the increase of the ulcerating surface corresponding with an increase of spu- tum. In this stage the larynx may also show a mild degree of involvement. For advanced cavernous phthisis. — The presence of a large cavit}- or of multiple cavity formation, again reflected by a correspondingly increased amount of sputum ; and with this stage are classed all cases which, regardless of the extent of local destructive changes, have coexisting grave com- plications, be they tuberculous or otherwise. We thus dispose of the occurrence of amyloid degeneration, cheap prevacid online of grave diabetes, of nephritis, and of certain rarer complications on the part of the heart, that may be a feature in any prevacid ac stage of the disease, and likewise of cases of prevacid discount card acute caseous pneumonia, diffused mixed infection, acute mi- liary dissemination, etc. The distinction of actively progressing from inactive, non-febrile cases is also of obvious ad- vantage. While this classification is chiefly upon a clin- ical basis, it reflects the gravity of the cases grouped together, and has the great additional advantage that it requires no extraordinary skill and experience in placing a given case in its proper group. Another word I would like to add in regard to the classification of the results of treatment. If we look at the customary classification prevacid sale of results, especially in American reports, we find a fair degree of uniformity, although all classifi- cations in use could be improved by the adop- tion of more reliable criteria. Dr. Bowditch is reluctant to make a class of apparently cured cases, and until his last coupons for prevacid 24 hour report of the Massachusetts State Sanitarium, he has substituted the word generic prevacid otc arrested, as an equivalent. In the last report, made jointly with Dr. Clapp, the arrested and apparently cured cases are classed together, in the same sense and under the same conditions as to the results obtained. In addition he makes only one more class, represent- ing every shade of free prevacid coupons improvement. Trudeau's class of " apparently cured," cor- responds to Dr. Bowditch's and Dr. Clapp's cases, but like all others, Dr. Trudeau makes a special prevacid 42 count class prevacid naprapac 500 for arrested cases, in which prevacid chewable tablets cough and ex- pectoration with tubercle bacilli are still present, but constitutional disturbances have been absent for several months, and the physical signs show retrograde or arrested progress. Besides he has an improved class. In the Loomis Sanitarium, as also prevacid 24 hour coupon in the Mus- prevacid en espanol koka Cottage Sanitarium, generic name for prevacid Trudeau's classifica- tion prevails and in my reports from the Winyah Sanitarium I have followed it, while I have made two classes for improved cases, according to the degree of benefit attained. I believe, however, that if we adopt a uniform standard for the prevacid 24hr coupon classification of results, we can define more accurately the requirements for each group. In cases actually alleged to be cured, there should be no prevacid otc coupon symptoms of any kind, and the result of physical examination should be nega- prevacid for sale tive, or give no other evidence than that of con- nective tissue or cicatricial changes. But instead of a time limit of two years, a negative tuber- culin test after three months from the date of discharge should be accepted. In fact, my own opinion is, that this should be an invariable con- dition. In addition, the state of the patient's gen-

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