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underlying tissues are bone it can be made most efficient. The absorbent cotton at the same time does not offer an obstruction to the exit of matter from the tympanic cavity, but rather encourages it. The Felodipine 5 Mg compress should be removed as frequently as it becomes saturated, and a fresh one introduced. A plug of antiseptic cotton may be placed over the compress. In chronic inflammations there exists no longer the indication for that use of the cotton which obtains in acute inflammations. The office which it performs may be said to be largely a protective one to the tympanum against evil influences from without. In this class of cases it is not a substitute for the dry treatment, but supplements Order Plendil Online it rather. When the cotton is used here, its surface toward the drum-head should be moistened; and if subsequently found to be adher- ent, it should not be disturbed, its de- tacliment being effected in time Cheap Plendil by nat- ural processes. 10. Moos's paper on pyii^mic co)npli- cations in the Generic Plendil coiwse of acute purulent otitis media is interesting. lie thinks that such complications point to a Plendil Mg par- ticipation of the temporal bone, espe- cially to a Felodipine Tablets gradual caries, which favors the extension of the morbid process to a brain sinus. If it is not a question of acute caries or of the presence and deleterious effect of microbia in the in- flamed parts, then we may look for the following possible complications : 1. In- termittent fever — against tins view is the appearance of the chills during the use of quinine, and also the rise in bodily temperature. 2. Phlebitis and throm- bosis of a vein or cerebral sinus in the vicinity of the drum. This means some abnormality of structure in the organ, such as : a, defective development of the bony floor of the tympanic cavity, 80 as to admit of direct contact between the inflamed Buy Plendil Online mucous membrane and the vena jugularis ; h, the same condition in the roof of the drum, favoring ex- tension of the inflammation to the su- perior petrosal sinus; c, extension of tlio same through numerous venous 38 channels in the mastoid process to the lateral sinus Amlodipine Felodipine or to the sigmoid sinus. 11. Graf offers the following conclu- sions as to the value of artificial drum- menibranes in general and cotton pel- lets in particular. He regards the arti- ficial drum-head as Buy Cheap Plendil useful only in cases of large perforations, with a tough mu- cous membrane of the drum-cavity, where there is but little or no secre- tion and great diminution of hearing. He thinks it sometimes restores bone conduction. A layer of boracic-acid Plendil Online powder increased the hearing power by acting as an artificial drum-head. As a general thing Plendil Tablets he gives the cotton pellet the preference, and its therapeutic ef- fect is also in its favor. 12. The connection between h(vmor- rliagic pacTiymeningitis and the forma- tion of neio membranes Felodipine 5mg in Felodipine 10 Mg the drum- cavity is illustrated by the following case : The patient did not exhibit any loss of hearing, but complained of noises in the ears and similar sensations in his head. He Felodipine Amlodipine had had an extensive haem- orrhage into the optic nerve sheaths, the incarceration of the optic nerves producing choked discs. At the autop- sy, in both temporal bones the adven- titia of the branches of the internal auditory artery had a glassy appearance, and showed ring-like swellings. There Felodipine Er was fresh extravasated blood between the nerves at the base of the left modi olus. The structure of the newly formed membranes in the tympanic cavity was made up of light, finely fibrous, wavy connective tissue, with a few oval or Buy Plendil spindle-shaped nuclei. This tissue surrounded large and small meshes of blood-vessels. The vessels were generally small, of uniform size, and had the anatomical structure of capillaries. There were no traces of arterioles. Along the course of the vessels, Plendil Price and in the interspaces Purchase Plendil between them, were numerous small extravasa- tions of blood. In hfcmorrhagic pachy - meningitis the Order Plendil morbid process follows

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