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heitn's theory — that they develop from the remains of the primary ocular vesi- cle in cases of coloboma oculi. 57. Owen reports briefly a remark- able series of cases of hereditary idio- Norvasc 7 Mg pathic nystagmus., the fault being trans- mitted through four generations. The Norvasc Coupons first case seen also exhibited reversional heredity in an unusual form, the male Norvasc Other Names children of the females being Norvasc Logo the sub- Norvasc Cmi jects of the affection, the females them- selves being unaffected. The only con- dition common to all those affected is Norvasc 5mg Price hypermetropia, varying in degree, which, however, exists in some of the females also. The children of the last generation are certainly lighter in com- plexion and in the color of their hair than their immediate ancestors, and there is a light tint of the fundus oculi, showing diminished choroidal pigment. They are also more amblyoi)ic than the Norvasc Canada earlier generations. None of the fam- ily have ever shown any choreic Cheap Norvasc Online move- ments. There is no history of gout, rheumatism, or asthma. In the two later generations of this family the nystagmus began at Generic Norvasc 10mg birtii ; in each case tlie nystagmus has steadily continued unaltered, or at least not percejitibly altered, so far as unskilled testimony can show, throughout the whole of life. 430 QUARTERLY REPORT OX 58. Nieden reports a fourth case of pulsating exophthalmus, in a woman in whom Norvasc 100 Mg all the symptoms began four and a half months after a severe fall. The fall probably produced an internal in- jury at the base of the skull, and, as she lost all sense of smell immediately after the injury, it is probable that Norvasc 7.5 Mg a fracture of the anterior part of the base of the skull was also present. As some of the symptoms pointed to a rupture of the left internal carotid artery in the cavernous sinus, he concluded that there was a comminution of the lamina cri- brosa of the ethmoid. In the same Buy Norvasc 5mg way a splinter of bone most have done direct injury to the walls of the left in- ternal carotid. He thought that the rupture was not an extensive one, since the subjective symi)toms of noises on the left side were present without any striking objective symptoms as the re- sult of this communication of the arte- rial and venous systems of the ear. Several months elapsed after the injury, and it required further disturbance of pressure (she was delivered of a child in the mean time), to cause a more ex- tensive rupture of the arterial Norvasc 5mg Generic walls, to produce the later symptoms. The rapid protrusion of both eyes, the venous stasis of the conjunctival blood-vessels and those of the lids, and Norvasc Patent the impli- cation of the right eye Generic Norvasc Price twenty-four hours after the Norvasc 2 Mg left, induced Nieden to believe that a later rupture occurred, which so changed the circulation in the circular sinus that it had a great influ- ence on the circulation of the right or- bit. It does not seem probable that the fracture of the ethmoid bone could have ruptured both internal carotid ar- teries. The changes produced by press- ure on the left carotid and the fact that pressure on the Norvasc 50 Mg right had no effect indicate that the condition of the right eye was only a secondary complica- tion. 59. Oliver draws the following con- clusions as to the comparative action of the sulphate of daturia and Norvasc Coupon the sul- phate of hyoscyamia upon the iris Norvasc Pi and ciliary muscle: 1. A single instillation of either the one fortieth or the one twentieth of a grain each of both the sulphates is suflScient to paralyze accom- modation in a normal emmetropic or a healthy ametropic eye. 2. No depend- ence can be placed upon the action of a single instillation of eitiier of the solu- tions of both drugs upon tlie ciliary muscle of an uidiealthy araetrcjpie eye. 3. A single instillation of either of the

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