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not disposed thereto. The eye with a scleral staphyloma is already disposed to progressive myopia — tliat is, to the further development of the staphyloma, because the stretching of the sheath in these long eyes occurs more easily than in normal eyes, from tlie same injury or exciting cause. Here also the sclera is stretched and bulged out by the re- sistance opposed to the movements of the eye by tiie dural sheath. Buy Nizagara In the normal eye tliis Nizagara Tablets can only rarely occur, and then only by the action of lasting injuries. 33. Ayros reports three interesting cases oi sympathetic ophthalmia, which have a distinct bearing on the Order Nizagara subject of the transmission of the sympathetic influence, and show that the incarcera- tion of the optic and ciliary nerves will cause sympathetic irritation and plastic iritis, and that neuritis is associated with a sympathetic iritis serosa. The first case was an irritable stump enucle- ated after panophthalmitis. Sympa- thetic ophthalmia began one year later, and w^as cured by excision of the optic nerve. The second and third cases are interesting as showing that fully devel- oped sympathetic ophthalmia can be cured by long-continued poulticing and other means. 34. Krause contributes some points to the pathology of sympathetic eye disease. He examined an eye whicii had been enucleated for sympathetic irido-cyclitis of the fellow-eye. The whole uveal tract showed marked signs of inflammation. The choroid was everywhere very thick — in many places thicker than the sclera. The thickest part, two millimetres, was near the pa- pilla. The thickened iris was applied to the cornea, and the ciliary body drawn in almost to the axis of the eye. The choroid was adherent in spots to the sclera. The retina w^as folded, the folds being produced by a fluid exudation which separated the retina and choroid at different places. Microscopical ex- amination showed that the optic nerve was normal, except a slight round-cell infiltration of its interstitial connective tissue in the region of the lamina cri- hrosa. The sheaths were also normal. The changes in the ciliary nerves were due to an interstitial neuritis, charac- terized by accumulations of small round cells within the tissues. The changes were of slight degree, for nowhere were the nerves destroyed, since they could easily be followed in their course. Krause therefore concludes that the power of conduction remained in the ciliary nerves, and that the sympathetic process was carried by their agency to the other eye. This seems to be the more probable, since the optic nerve and its sheaths were found normal. 36. As a result of his investigations into the canal of Petit and the zonula of Zinn, Aeby concludes that the hya- loid membrane surrounds the vitreous, not only in its retinal, but also in its lenticular division, which is a proof tliat it belongs to the vitreous and not to the retina. The zonula may be 428 QUARTERLY REPORT ON demonstrated in three ways: First, in connection with the vitreous and lens by means of slight putrefactive mace- ration; secondly, in connection with the vitreous alone by a more advanced putrefactive maceration ; and, tlardly, completely isolated by acid maceration. If the zonula be carefully incised with scissors or scalpel, a clear, watery fluid immediately exudes, and, after it has entirely flowed away, the canal of Petit appears as a Nizagara Online three-sided prismatic space. The division or splitting of the zonula may be easily extended for almost any distance, and its undulatory course is very clearly seen in the increasing and diminishing caliber of the Buy Nizagara Online inclosed ca-

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