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erally intact. Enlarged veins are fre- quently visible upon the upper lid, which is occasionally of a brownish color. It is never found connected with tbe neo- plasm. is there a generic for nexium Tbe buy generic nexium second phase is character- ized by tbe smooth and glistening sur- face of the tumor. When slightly vas- cular, the tumor is generally brownish- yeUow and wax-like; with numerous vessels, unmistakably diaphanous. The surface of the tumor is sometimes marked by a few coarse blood-vessels. The greater the vascularity of the tu- mor, the less its does nexium have a generic consistence. Tlie tu- mor generic brand for nexium is never soft in this stage, but "s harder than in the first stage, and moi o elastic than in the third stage. The anatomo-pathological condition in this generic name for nexium phase is characterized by advancing proliferation of adenoid tissue and hya- line generic form of nexium degeneration. In the third phase the color of the tumor remains about the same, except in cases of excessive 426 QUARTERLY REPORT 0^ vascularization, when it becomes a dirty brownish-red. It varies in consistence from hard is there a generic nexium to gelatinous, depending on the degree of vascularization. But even in the latter condition the tissue is not elastic ; if comparatively hard, it is in- elastic and brittle ; if soft, inelastic but what is generic for nexium impressible. This phase is occasionally characterized by spontaneous hremor- rhage. The fourth phase is character- ized by calcification and ossification, in addition to pronounced amyloid degen- eration. The tarsus is only secondarily, and even then but slightly, affected with amyloid degeneration, and is what is the generic name for nexium never tlie seat of independent proliferation. In almost one half of the cases examined there w^ere no signs of trachomatous alterations. This fact, in conjunction with the characteristic picture of this disease in all its phases, proves that amyloid tumor of the conjunctiva is a disease sui generis^ originating from hitherto unknown causes in a previ- ously healthy conjunctiva, and having when does nexium go generic nothing in common with traclioma. The juxtaposition of the two processes is simply accidental. When the tumor is large, well developed, and in its later phases, the diagnosis is made without difficulty. In order to differentiate the two conditions, trachomatous and amy- loid disease, it should be remembered that in diffuse trachoma granulations predominate, and that inflammatory symptoms would probably occur; while the absence of pronounced granulations, as when will nexium become generic well as of inflammatory symptoms, would suggest the presence of what is the generic for nexium incipient amyloid tumor. Kubli thinks that even when tlie tumor has attained an exten- sive grow til it is accessible to thera- peutical or operative measures. He suggests the trial of parenchymatous injections of tincture 80 mg nexium of iodine or Fow- ler's solution. He advises radical extir- pation in all those cases in which it nexium dosage 80 mg can be accomplished without special diffi- culties — i. e., when the tumors are small, more or less circumscribed, and in which the operation can be performed -vithout too extensive a loss of sub- .'^t.tnce. Partial extirpation is indicated in all other cases in the hope nexium 40 mg generic of exciting spontaneous order nexium samples retrogressive metamorpho- sis. The chief point in the after-treat- ment is to cleanse the conjunctival sac frequently with disinfectants, especially a two-per-cent. solution of generic version of nexium boracic acid. 2.5. Von Milligan reports a case generic for nexium 40 mg ot conjunctival tuberculosis occurring in a Turkish girl, aged eleven, of healthy pa- rentage, involving only the right eye. He at first made a diagnosis of chalazion of the lower lid, with fistulous opening and granuloma of the conjunctiva after spontaneous rupture. Eleven mouths later, on the site of the former chala- zion, upon the surface of the tarsal conjunctiva, was a prominent, deep-red mass, like granulations from a wound, which bled easily. These vegetations extended from the external canthus to the middle of generic equivalent of nexium the lower lid, and from

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