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This edition of lasix mg Dr. Dalton's well-known work bears evidence of having been thoroughly and carefully revised. From the first appearance of the book it has been a favorite, owing as well to the author's renown as an oral teacher as to the charm of simplicity with which, as a writer, he always succeeds in investing even intricate subjects. It must be gratifying to him to observe the frequency with which his work, written for students and practitioners, is quoted by other writers on physiology. potassium lasix This fact attests its value, and, in great measure, its originality. It now needs no such seal of approbation, however, for the thousands who have studied it in its vari- ous editions have never been in any doubt as to its sterling worth. The present arrangement of its matter, differing somewhat from that of previous editions, is as follows : lasix order Following an introductory chapter, a sec- tion devoted to physiological chemistry contains chapters on the chemical ingredients of the body ; on the inorganic substances ; on the hydrocarbon- aceous substances ; on the albuminoid substances ; on the coloring matters ; on the crystallizable nitrogenous matters ; and on food. A section on the functions of nutrition treats of digestion ; of absorption ; of the blood ; of respiration ; of animal heat ; of the circulation ; of the lymphatic system ; and of the urine. The section on the buy lasix online nervous system includes the general structure and functions of that system ; nervous irritability and its mode of action ; the general arrangement of the nervous system ; the spinal cord ; the brain ; the cranial nerves ; the sympathetic lasix cheap system ; and the senses. The section on reproduction considers the nature of reproduction and the origin of plants and animals ; the egg and the female organs of generation ; the spermatic fluid and the male organs ; ovulation and menstruation ; the corpus luteum and its connection with menstruation and pregnancy ; the development of the impregnated ovum, the segmentation of the ^dtellus, the blastoderm, and the formation iv lasix of organs in the frog ; the formation of the embryo in the fowl's e.g^ ; the accessory embryonic organs lasix renal — the umbilical vesicle, the amnion, and the allantois ; lasix 40mg the human amnion and chorion ; the development of the decidua and the attachment of the foetal membranes to the uterus ; the placenta ; the expulsion of the foetus and placenta, and the regeneration of the uterine tissues ; the development of the nervous system, the organs of sense, the skeleton, and the limbs ; the development of the alimentary canal and its appendages; the development of the WolflSan bodies, the kidneys, and the internal organs of generation ; the develop- REVIEWS AND LITERARY NOTES. 395 ment of tlie vascular system; and tlie development of the body after birth. Were we to signalize any one part of the book as bearing the plainest marks of the lasix to buy author's capability, we should point to the last section, in which the great subject of embryology — one that was a bugbear to the student lasix purchase of medicine but a few years ago — is so handled as to be readily grasped by any reader of fair attainments. The section on physiological chemistry, too, has always been a favorite, and for like reasons. In the present edition it is, in the main, brought well up to the present lasix for state of our knowledge ; but we regret to lasix furosemide notice one feature in it that seems to us likely to confuse lasix buy the student. We refer to the use of the words stearine, palmitine, oleine, pepsine, fibrine, etc., instead of stearin, palmitin, and so on. This is not so small a matter as it may seem, for online lasix it is liable to blind the student to the wholesome tendency lately shown to apply names ending in lasix with potassium ine only to alkaloids, except, of course, in the case of such words as iodine, bromine, and the like, which, referring to inorganic bodies, are not likely to give rise to confusion. Should the nomenclature alluded to be generally adopted, the reader, coming upon the name of any new organic principle ending in ine, would know at once that the substance was an alkaloid, and would thus be saved the trouble of looking up that point at least. As it is. Dr. Dalton has, unthinkingly, we must presume, thrown the weight of his influence against what seems to us a useful course. It is perhaps defensible for him to tablet lasix retain the old word albumen, instead of accepting albumin, but he cer- tainly carries his preference for the letter e too far when he persistently writes albumenoid in place of albuminoid. Like the spots on the sun, however, these minor blemishes do not appreciably dim the luster of the work, and we again commend it, in the tasteful dress the publishers have given it, to the continued favor of the profession. Kirkes's Iland-Book of Physiology. By W. Morrant Baker, F. R. C. S., Lecturer on Physiology, and Assistant Surgeon to St. Bartholomew's Hospital, etc. Tenth edition. Philadelphia: Presley Blakiston, 1881. Pp. xvi-862. lasix and potassium [Price, $5.] For the use of practitioners and students of mcdiciue we know of no more serviceable hand-book of physiology than this. The work is already well known, lasix 40 mg and tliis tenth edition seems to have been very care- fully revised by Mr. Baker. Its general accuracy seems all that can reason- ably be expected, but a notable exception is found on p. 283, where the fornmla of glucose is given twice (correctly as 0^11 j^O^, and incorrectly as IljIIjjOg). Of course, this is only a typographical error, but a slip of that sort in chemical notation is a very important matter. The appendix, devoted to physiological chemistry, strikes us as particularly valuable. Another noteworthy feature is the general excellence of the woodcuts. Most 396 REVIEWS AND LITERARY NOTES. of them are copies, it is true, but lasik lasix that they are not mere slavish repro- ductions is evident from the fact that at least some of them are better executed than the originals. We should be glad to see the book largely used in this country. ^1 Study of the Tumors of the Bladder, etc. By Alex. "W. Stein, M. D., Surgeon to Charity Hospital, etc. New York : William Wood & Co., 1881. Pp. xi-94. On the basis of four cases that have come under his own observation, and a careful analysis of the literature of the subject, Dr. Stein has con- structed an admirable monograph — one that deserves to rank as a standard ■with those who devote themselves to vesical surgery. Classifying tumors of the bladder as papillomata, polypi, carcinomata, myomata, sarcomata, and bony tumors, the author discusses their symptomatology, diagnosis,

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