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The use of chloroform is advocated for children by Dr. Xoyes perhaps more strongly than other ophthalmic surgeons would be willing to Lamictal Discontinuation do. We are glad to see him calling attention to the by no means infrequent occur- rence of spasm of accommodation, which has been questioned by some authors. His discussion of the action of the various extrinsic muscles and their relation to the horopter and fovea is very clear and concise. The relation of some functional nervous diseases to the eye is, in a few brief words, placed upon its proper basis. The paragraphs on the objective symptoms of muscular debility and the means for testing and treating them are very good, especially in the matter of the diagnosis of muscular paraly- sis. The author agrees with Schweigger and some others in discrediting the existence of amblyopia ex anopsia in strabismus. We are glad to see that Dr. Noyes puts on record the fact that a perfect cure, including the establishment of true binocular vision, is not gained in more than twenty per cent, of strabismus operations. Cheap Lamictal In part second we would also call attention to another statement of fact, that in catarrh of the lachrymal sac and duct a considerable number of patients Lamictal Use never obtain more than a sort of half-cure. There are compara- tively few omissions in this part of Order Lamictal Online the work ; among them we would cite the pre-lachrymal oily cysts, of which no mention is made. In the para- graph on vascular tumors of the lids, excision is said to be the best opera- tion, but no mention is made of the treatment by electrolysis. In treating of the subject of ophthalmia neonatorimi, we do Lamictal Xr not think Dr. Noyes places suflScient importance upon the prophylactic treatment. In addition to the use of cleansing antiseptic solutions in the vagina of the mother before de- livery, we think it very important to carefully cleanse the eyes of the infants immediately after birth, with either a saturated solution of boracic acid, or a half-per-cent. solution of carbolic acid. Again, we do not think that the author has devoted enough attention to the discussion of diphtheritic conjunctivitis, the most virulent and de- structive of all inflammations of the conjunctiva. The chapter on sympa- thetic ophthalmia, though short, is very sound, but we think that most authorities would hold that the expression " at the very onset of the inflam- matory state " as the time to perform enucleation of the injured eye should Lamictal Buy be made still stronger ; for it is generally Buy Cheap Lamictal held that, if the stage of irritation has once passed into the stage of inflammation, the enucleation of the first eye has no efEect upon the process in the eye secondarily aflEected. We also think that Mr. Critchett's advice to operate upon the second eye, by means of two needles, to promote absorption of the lens, is very question- able, owing to the loss of the nutritive and absorbent functions of the eye from the loner-continued destructive inflammation. REVIEWS AND LITERARY NOTES. 39I The chapter upon cataract and its operative treatment is admirable, as is also that upon glaucoma. The subject of the etiology of the disease and the various theories propounded is admirably summed up. The compara- tive adv^antages and disadvantages of iridectomy and sclerotomy are judi- cially presented in clear language, and, in explaining the manner in which iridectomy acts in reducing tension, Dr. Noyes pays a deserved tribute to the work of Priestley Smith in his investigations into the pathogeny of glaucoma. Another interesting chapter is the discussion upon embolism and thrombosis of the retinal vessels. Many of the cases of embolism reported have undoubtedly Lamictal Lamotrigine been of a mixed character, viz. : both embolism and thrombosis. Great care should, therefore, be used in asserting what the lesion is, when the retinal circulation suddenly becomes obstructed. In speaking of detachment of the retina, the author gives an interesting epitome of the theories of Raehlmann and Priestley Smith Purchase Lamictal Online as to its causa- tion. When we come to the chapter on diseases of Lamictal Online the optic nerve we find a very clear statement of the Lamictal Rashes various theories that have been held as to the etiology of optic neuritis with swelling of the disc, and Dr. Noyes Order Lamictal evidently Buy Lamictal inclines to the view that cerebral oedema may be regarded as a link in the chain of causation, as more intelligible than the vaso-motor theory. The chapter on diseases of the orbit is admirable, though we think some- what too brief. We agree most decidedly with the author in his convic- tions as to the importance of early incisions in cellulitis of the orbit. It is Purchase Lamictal to be regretted that he has seen fit to retain the barbarous term " tenoni- tis " for describing inflammation of the oculo-orbital fascia. In conclusion, we would say that but little conception can be formed of the great difficulty under which Dr. Noyes has been Lamotrigine Lamictal placed by the necessity of condensing Buy Lamictal Online the enormous mass of material of his own and others' expe- rience, so as to bring his work within the limits set him by the publishers. The work is, therefore, worthy of all praise, and we especially commend its practical usefulness. The illustrations, type, and paper are by no means up to the general high character of the book, and it is very much to be regretted that its publication in the Library of Standard Authors will stand so much in the way of its more general circulation. The Sympathetic Diseases of the Exje. By Ludwig Mauthner, M. Generic Lamictal D., Royal Professor in the University of Vienna. Translated by Warren Webster, M. D., Surgeon, U. S. Army, and James A. Spalding, M. D., etc. New York: William AVood & Co., 1881. Pp. 220. Professor Mautiiner's work upon the " Sympathetic Diseases of the Eye" has been for some time before the Lamictal Mg profession in the original German. It is one of a series of monographs by the same author upon ophthalmo- logical subjects. It is an attempt to popularize the subject for the general practitioner, but at the same time it is really a standard work for the oph- thalmic specialist. The high Rash Lamictal rank of the author and the excellent work 192 REVIEWS AND LITERARY NOTES. â– which he has done in the past would be sufficient to stamp this production with the seal of authority, Avhile the inherent excellence of the monograph places it in the front rank of medical literature. The translators have

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