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weigh the benefit obtained ; that the prevention of the paroxysms is to be Indocin And Ibuprofen accomplished by all practicable means, as tending more than all else, in the long run, to bring about such changes in the nutrition of the cells at fault as shall constitute a real cure of Indocin Pda the Indocin Tablets disease ; and that, in certain sorts of cases, drugs that are commonly much inferior to the bromides show a controlling action which, however unaccountable, we can not afford to ignore. Much Indocin Suppositories 100mg practical discrimination is shown in the author's remarks on the various bromides, and on the methods of using them, and the other remedies to which he alludes are treated of in a like satisfactory manner. For these matters of detail we must refer the reader to the book itself. The publishers have brought the work out in a form worthy of its great value, and we trust that it will find a large circle of readers in this country. Cerebral Hyperoemia : Does it Exist ? A Consideration of some Views of Dr. William A. Hammond. By C. F. Buckley, B. A, M. D., Indocin Injection formerly Superintendent of Haydock Lodge Asylum, England. New York : G. P. Indocin For Pda Putnam's Sons, 1882. Pp. 129. [Price, $1.] After reading the title of Indocin Suppository Dr. Buckley's book we were scarcely pre- pared for the admission, on page 28, that no intelligent physician of the present day doubts the existence of cerebral hypersemia. And we regard it as slightly in the manner of a contradiction for Dr. Buckley to assert on this same page that Dr. Hammond " assumes a condition to exist which is impossible," Indocin Iv and then, on page 35, to declare Generic Indocin that as a "hydraulic proposi- tion" the "possibility" of the existence of the disease under consid- eration may be admitted. And again, we were at a loss to understand why Dr. Buckley had fired all his guns, great and small, at Dr. Hammond. Buy Indocin Dr. Hammond has never set himself up as the proprietor of cerebral hyper- semia, however much he may claim to have studied it. Niemeyer, from whom Dr. Buckley quotes extensively, has a chapter on " Hypersemia of the Brain and its Membranes," and distinctly admits the existence (p. 152, American edition, vol. ii) of a hypersemia in which " the arteries are fuller than usual, the veins less so." This, as we understand Dr. Buckley, is the particular kind of hypersemia of the brain to which he objects. Jaccoud REVIEWS AND LITERARY NOTES. 337 ("Traite de pathologie interne," t. i, Paris, 1870, p. 107) describes a form of cerebral congestion in whicli the arterial pressure in Indocin Sr 75 the vertebro-arterial system is notably increased, and Indocin 25mg in which, consequently, there is an in- Order Indocin creased flow of blood to Indocin High the brain. And his " forme legere " is Dr. Ham- mond's cerebral hyperfemia. Dr. J. Milner Fothergill, in an article entitled " Cerebral Hyperajmia," published in the " West Riding Lunatic Asylum Medical Reports " for Indocin Vs Ibuprofen 1875, Indocin 25 Mg begins his account of the affection with these words: "In the present condition of cerebral hypersemia, the writer will follow the definition laid down by Handfield Jones, namely, that it is an increase in the amount of arterial blood passing through the encephalon." This is exactly in accordance with Dr. Hammond's idea of the affection, and Dr. Fothergill quotes him in support of his own opinions. And Dr. Handfield Jones, who is quoted unfairly by Dr. Buckley, not only gives ("Studies on Functional Nervous Diseases," London, 1870, p. 86) a chapter on " Hypersemia of the Brain," beginning with the definition as quoted by Dr. Fothergill, but goes Indocin Generic on to say, " This true hypersemia should be distinguished from venous congestion, which is common enough," etc. And Dr. John Hughes Bennett, also unfairly quoted by Dr. Buckley, in considering the subject of the distribution of the blood in congestions of the brain ("Clinical Lectures," etc., third edition, Edinburgh, 1859, p. 430), speaks distinctly of an arterial congestion and a venous congestion. Really, we can not avoid the conclusion that Dr. Buckley has rushed at Dr. Hammond without understanding either his subject or its literature. But this is really the least of Dr. Buckley's shortcomings. An ignor- ant book might be forgiven, but for an unfair one — and this we shall now proceed to show Dr. Buckley's to be — there ought to be no pardon. There are so many instances of Dr. Buckley's disregard of the simplest elements of literary fairness that we are somewhat at a loss where to begin. Our attention, however, is attracted early in the perusal of his book by the details of a case which he quotes from another work of Dr. Hammond's, and quotes, too, manifestly for the express purpose of calling attention to a statement which he declares Dr. Hammond to have made, but which was not made. Of this case Dr. Hammond writes : * " At the end of ten days he had lost his diplopia, the pupil of the right eye had regained its natural character and irritability, and the vertigo and headache had notably disappeared. The treatment was continued, and at the end of a month he had recovered the sensibility and power on the par- alyzed side to such an extent and had improved so much in other respects that I advised him to take a short journey. He was absent two weeks, during which period he continued to take the pills as before, and on his re- turn was to all appearance well. He has since remained in excellent health." * "A Treatise Indocin Suppositories on the Diseases of the Nervous System," seventh edition, New York, 1881, p. 177 (page 161, sixth edition). 388 REVIEWS AND LITERARY Indocin Headache NOTES. Of this explicit statement Dr. Buckley has the effrontery to write as follows (p. 11) : " First of all, if the diagnosis be correct, it illustrates the marvellous, we might, indeed, say magical effects of phosphide of zinc, nux vomica, and the constant galvanic current in curing diseases commonly considered hopeless as regards complete and permanent recovery, and all this too in the brief, short space of ten days."

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