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many it is claimed that when the potassium salt enters into the blood it is changed into a sodium salt ; this theory, according to Kinger, has not yet been substantiated. Professor Binz ("Am. Jour, of the Med. Sci.," vol. Ixx, p. 23-1) holds that, when the salt is taken into a healthy stomach, part is changed, by the action of the hydrochloric acid in that viscus, into hydriodic acid ; another part is acted on by Generic Griseofulvin the chloride of sodium and changed into the iodide of sodium ; and, if enough has been taken, the residue re- mains unchanged. All three combinations pass quickly into the circulation, when the hydriodic acid meets with soda and forms iodide of sodium ; the Grifulvin V 500 iodide of sodium is acted on by carbonic and other acids, and iodine is set free. It has also been asserted that iodide of potassium is decomposed by the ozone, and depends for its action upon liberated iodine (Wood's " Therapeutics," 1876, p. 379). This theory also needs substantiation. By some of tlie leading authorities iodine and iodide of potassium are said to have the same action in the system, and many hold that the iodide de- pends for its action upon the iodine contained in it. It is true that both iodine and the iodide, when taken in sufficient doses, cause Grifulvin V gastro-intestinal disturbance, and, when given continuously, ])roduce iodism ; but their therapeutical Order Griseofulvin Online uses are in many points different. Iodine acts upon the chronic enlargements of scrofulosis more effectively than the iodide, while the iodide is par excellence the remedy for the tertiary enlargements of syphilis. In rheumatic affections the iodide is employed, but here, no doubt, the iodide owes its efficacy, in good measure, to the potassium. The diuretic action of the iodide may also be ascribed to its potassium, though Bouchard affirms that iodine increases the elimination of urea. The iodide of potassium exerts an alterative effect upon the tissues. In the physiological state the iodides increase M^aste and 374 JACKSON: the elimination of the products of waste, and, if administered for a length of time, they cause emaciation and a general depression of the vital functions. Wood states that he has given the iodide in enormous doses, and seen nervous symptoms develop in only one case, where two hundred and seventy grains a day were exhibited, and the patient became intensely stupid and sleepy. An apparent contradiction to the depressing and emaciating effect of the drug is found in Buy Cheap Griseofulvin its action in syphilis, where, under its administration, the patients are Buy Grifulvin seen to gain in health and flesh. This action in syphi- lis is accounted for by the so-called specific action of the salt, the virus being eliminated by it, and the system at once reacting. Dr. G. Binz (" Grundziige der Arzneimittellehre," Berlin, 1879) gives as a probable theory of the action of the iodide upon syphilitic and other abnormal deposits, the following : If iodide of potassium comes in contact, Purchase Griseofulvin outside of the body, with protoplasm, water, and Griseofulvin Buy carbonic acid, it is changed by the oxidizing properties of the pro- toplasm into bicarbonate of potassium and Buy Griseofulvin free iodine, this reaction being necessarily accompanied by some change in the protoplasm, yet undetermined. In Griseofulvin Online the diseased body, if a pathological cell or- ganization, water and carbonic acid, or some stronger acid, are together present (and, where abnormal cells are found, the other elements will not be Where To Buy Griseofulvin difiicult to find) ; then the same reaction must take place in the presence of the potash salt, the elements of the protoplasm being broken Grifulvin V Micr Order Griseofulvin up, the bicarbonate of potassium being formed, and the iodine set free, which latter unites with the sodium of the blood and appears in the secretions as the iodide of sodium. The salt is almost as rapidly eliminated as it is absorbed, so that, within fifteen minutes after taking it, it may be found in the saliva and the urine. The chief eliminator of the salt is the kidney, but the broncho-pulmonary, faucial, and salivary glands take part in this action. Hence we find, during a course of the Buy Grifulvin Online iodide, that a stimulating effect is often exerted upon the mucous membrane of the lungs, fauces, kidneys, etc., a greater quantity of mucus being thrown from the lungs, symptoms of acute coryza not unfrequently showing themselves, and the taste of the iodide with an increased flow of saliva being noticed in the mouth. loDisM. — A characteristic effect of the iodide, when given for a continued period, is tlie production of what has been called iodism ; this it owes to its iodine. The quantity necessary to produce iodism varies with the susceptibility of the individual. Binger states that in some Buy Grifulvin V peculiarly susceptible individuals one grain of the iodide, or even a part of a grain, has induced it. Most patients, however, bear the administration of the iodide without experiencing any un- IODIDE OF POTASSIUM. 3^5 pleasant effects; and, usually, even if iodism is induced, the system soon accommodates itself to the drug, a state of tolerance being estab- lished, though no change may have been made in the dose. In some patients in whom it is desirable to induce iodism, enormous doses have to be administered before the required effect is produced. The symptoms of iodism are general malaise, frontal headache, coryza, lachrymation, sometimes inflammatory swelling of the eye- lids, bitter saline taste in the mouth, sore tliroat, hoarseness, Buy Griseofulvin Online and dysphagia. An eruption of acne, especially on the face, shoulders, and thighs, is a common result of the continuous use of the iodide, and it may be present independently of any other symptom of iodism. Duhring says that " iodide of potassium may give rise to erythematous, papular, vesicular, pustular, bullous, and purpuric lesions. The erythematous efflorescence, not very uncommon, occurs usually upon the fore-arms in discrete or Purchase Griseofulvin Online confluent patches, and also upon the face and neck. If the administration of the drug is per- sisted in, this may go on to the papular form, which is rarer. The vesicular or eczema-form variety occurs in patients who have long continued the use of the drug; by some it is said to be most com- mon on the scalp and scrotum ; otliers describe its occurrence on the chest or limbs, and as accompanied by severe itching and desquama- tion." One case is reported (Bumstead and Taylor, " Yenereal Dis- eases," New York, 1879) where only moderate doses caused an erup- tion like eczema rubrum over the whole body, accompanied by fever,

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