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The idiosyncrasies generic of flomax of individuals are not matters for ridicule, however absurd they may appear to be. On the contrary, they deserve, and should receive, the careful consideration of the physi- cian, for much is to be learned from them, both in preventing and in treating diseases. In psychiatrical medicine they are especially to be inquired for. It is not safe to disregard them, as they may in- fluence materially the character of mental derangement, and may be brought in as efficient agents in the treatment. AG NEW: THE LIMITS OF MEDICAL ETHICS. 359 THE LIMITS OF MEDICAL ETHICS. By 0. R. AGNEW, M, D. *' "Where liberty is flomax cost gone, life grows insipid and has lost its relish." — Addison. • In the July number of the " Ephemeris flomax generic of Materia Medica," Dr. E. R. Squibb gives a composite article with the general head- ing of " The Newspapers and the New Code of Ethics." It consists of a few introductory remarks by the doctor, an article also by him from the " Evening Post " of June 9, 1882, headed, the " Doctor and Patient," a reply by the editors of the "Post," and a rejoinder by Dr. Squibb. The intention of the doctor in the communica- tions is to condemn the liberty guaranteed by the revised code of the State of New York, to show the fallacies of homoeopathy, the evils of quackery, and to prove that the abrogation of the old code is wrong and therefore dangerous, that the government of the medical profession should be paternal, and that its members may not be safely left to govern themselves individually under the gen- eral laws which bind other people in business and social matters. The medical profession of the State is familiar with the fallacies of homoeopathy and the evils of quackery. Simpson, Hooker, Holmes, and many others from time to time have portrayed them, and we accept the contribution to the subject from Dr. Squibb as being orthodox and conscientious, and in good keeping with his known honesty and fidelity, even though his animadversions have no special pertinency to the question involved. Conceding that the heretics are all that it is claimed they are, we can not understand why the profession of " orthodox flomax 0.4 mg medical " men needs a special code of ethics to prevent intercommunication with those who may be in error. However valuable, then, the argument of the doctor may be to illuminate flomax alternative the understanding of the readers of a secular journal like the " Post," it has no force against the new code of the State of New York, or any power to flomax prices change the current of that reform which is sure to end in emancipating not only the profession of our State, but of the United States, from mere sumptuary, pro- scriptive, and trades-union laws and regulations. We agree with him cordially in much that he says about narrow and one-idea med- ical systems, and have no occasion now, after more than twenty-five years of public professional life as a teacher, to affirm that we flomax tamsulosin are an old-school doctor and thoroughly conservative. We pass over, therefore, a good deal that the doctor has said, because it is foreign to the subject under discussion. We are not now dealing with 360 cost of flomax AGNEW: vulgar superstition or " unchastened and overbearing individualism," but with questions in which the personal or individual conscience of medical men is concerned. Dr. Squibb in his letter to the " Post " defends the restrictions upon consultations, as laid down in the old and abrogated code, and attempts to show the fallacy and danger of freedom of consultations or of "heterogeneous" consulta- flomax in women tions as allowed by tlie new code. He bases his objection to the freedom allowed in the new code, partly upon an assumption that heterogeneous consultations would be of no value, and that consul- tations to be of value must be homogeneous. This assumption we deny. In another place in the " Ephemeris " he illustrates his posi- tion by ridiculing the idea of a well-educated engineer meeting in consultation flomax price a believer in the " Keely motor." Now, observe, we do not advocate the enforcing of such heterogeneous consultations as the doctor objects to, but we do advocate the alternative to flomax right of private judgment in respect to them — the right of the individual, flomax cr capable by common consent of choosing between price of flomax right and wrong, of decid- ing with whom he will meet. For, if an individual is not able mor- ally to decide such a question, how is the moral capacity generic for flomax acquired to make the decision wisely by the aggregation of a number of in- dividuals, every one of whom is supposed to be individually incapa- ble ? If the engineers of the United States were to decree solemnly in a code of ethics of their guild that no flomax women member of their body should meet a " Keely motor man," there would be some force in the doctor's illustration. But the fact is that the members of that learned profession are not hampered by such antiquated and flomax online ab- surd restrictions, but are individually at liberty to meet whom they may please to, and do not become liable to excommunication for meeting a " Keely motor man " or any silly person. An engineer forms his character and gets his reputation flomax 0.4 on the basis of his flomax for women per- sonal worth, and with the least possible aid from a mere body of men. He associates with whom he pleases in business and out of it, and is judged by his known character and his business and social affiliations. The advocates of the existing code of ethics in the State of New York intend to defend it against the efforts of its opponents, so that our profession may thus enjoy the same personal liberty and "sturdy individualism " as engineers, lawyers, clergy- men, and members of other learned professions. The argument against heterogeneous consultations is not only based upon a groundless assumption, but what is flomax leaves out of account, in great degree, the interests of the sick, the ignorant, and the credu- lous, and makes the trades-union protection idea paramount as the rule of medical conduct. If a patient in the hands of an ignorant

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