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and death resulted three days later. The autopsy showed localized perito- nitis, and a greatly enlarged, hyper- trophied uterus. purchase cipro == In the discus- sion of the subject, Dr. Purefoy sug- gested that septicaemia, following the incision, buy cheap cipro was probably the cause of death. 16. purchase cipro online Dr. Eisner contributes an article on dermoid cysts, especially those of the ovary, which was suggested by a case of the cipro order kind occurring in his practice. The patient was sixteen years of age, and was admitted to the Adelaide Hos- pital July 28, 1881, suffering from se- vere dyspnoea, which had lasted three or four weeks. The abdomen was tense, and as large as it would cipro 250 appear at the seventh month of pregnancy, and fluc- tuation was manifest. The tumor had existed a very long time, but first caused trouble when the girl began to menstru- ate, at the age of thirteen. Soon after entering the hospital, she met with an accident, in cipro online pharmacy the shape of cipro hc a fall upon her side, and was afterward cipro cost quite helpless, having lost control other lower extremi- ties, suftering constant pain, retention of urine and ftoces, and well-marked ma- larial fever. All efforts to relieve her were fruitless, and she died eighteen days after her admission to the hos- pital. The abdomen contained a yel- lowish fo!tid fluid, evidences of recent peritonitis, and a tumor growing from the left ovary " one and a half times as large as cipro cheap a man's head." Tliere was a cavity in the tumor capable of contain- buying cipro online ing two quarts, and from an opening in the wall the yellowish fluid referred to had poured into the abdominal cavity. cipro price Adhesions to the broad cipro 250mg ligament ex- isted, and the diaphragm, intestines, cipro 500mg and 320 QUARTERLY REPORT ON rectum were pressed upon. The tumor contained the elements of true skin, fibrous tissue, fat, cartilage, hair, seba- ceous matter, and spicula of bone. An interesting series of remarks on the nature^ and structure of dermoids fol- lows. The theories as to their origin are : 1. Excess of formative nisus (Bhi- menbach). 2. Parthenogenesis (Wal- deyer — now abandoned). 3. Inclusion of dermal structure, and pinching off of the same, during fiBtal life (Heschl). 4. Foetus in fcetu (Verneuil, Utiter). 5. Parthenogenesis and hyperechesis, especially for ovarian dermoids (Lawson Tait). As a summary, he states that we know, as a fact, that dermoids occur ex- ternally and internally buy cipro online where the epi- blast dips down to meet the hypoblast, and where by grooved involution new bodies are formed, the testicle and ovary being first in order of such bodies cost of cipro ; there- fore, all dermoids are embryonal in their first structure. The existence of bone, muscle, and nervous matter in the geni- tal dermoids is price of cipro not remarkable, since all these layers of the blastoderm con- tribute to form the Wolffian body, from which the ovary and testicle are developed ; consequently, cells of either layer may be pinched oflE' in the invo- lution process. Also, dermoids are in- nocent growths except in the ovary, where they are exposed to much irri- tation, and hence liable to become in- flamed. Foetal remains in the body of another foetus are due to the action of a process analogous to that which obtains in dermoid cysts — that is, the inclusion of one ovum within cipro online another. 17. Dr. Murphy contributes a short note on the treatment of a diseased ovary by ligature. On the sixteenth of last January he removed a large multilocu- lar tumor from the right side of a woman forty-two years of age, tying the pedicle with a silk ligature. The left ovary was of double the normal size, and contained several cysts. The ligament was so tense that a ligature buy cipro could not be trust- cipro 250 mg

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