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upon rubeola as a peculiar form of measles in which a pronounced catarrhal con- dition of the mucous membranes was absent. ==^ Dr. Glueck reported that in one family one child became sick with rubeola, and others subsequently contracted measles. ^ Dr. Langmaxn hoped that further discussion of this question might clear up the subject. He remembered one case of benoquin cream 20 supposed rubeola com- plicated with rheumatic arthritis and monobenzone benoquin endocarditis, and another with a diphthe- ritic deposit on the soft palate. A. Caille, benoquin vitiligo M. D., Secretary pro tern. g^ports riit i\t ^roigrcss of UTebiciiu. MOITTHLY REPORT O^ OBSTETRICS AKD GYI^iECOLOGY. No. XX. By buy benoquin online ANDREW F. CURRIER. M. D. Obstetrics. 1. Groom, J. H. — Quarterly Report of the Royal Maternity and Simpson Memo- rial Hospital. "Edinb. Med. Jour.," June, 1882. i, Neville. — Causation of head and other presentations during labor. [Obstet. Soc. of Dublin.] " Brit. Med. Jour.," June 3, 1882. 3. Braun, C. — Measureinent of benoquin cream for sale pelvic diameters. [Vienna Gen. Uosp.] "Med. News," June 17, benoquin cream 1882. OBSTETRICS AND QYNMCOLOGl. 311 4. Kennedy, W. J. — Case of pregnancy in a woman at the age of sixty-two. "Edinb. Med. Jour.," June, 1882, 5i Taylor, W. H. — What should mark the termination of the first stage of labor? " St. Louis Courier of Med.," June, 1882. 6. Geeslou. — D'une colorisation particuliere du liquide amniotique dans le cas de maceration foetale. "Jour, de M6d. de buy benoquin Paris," June 10, 1882. T. Reignier. — Observation curieuse d'accoucheraent ; presentation de la tete avec menace de sortie par I'anus. Ihid., June 3, 1882. 8. HoENE, A. J. — Accidental concealed hfemorrhage. [Dublin Obstet. Soc] " Dublin Jour, of Med. Sci.," May, 1882. 9. Taeniee. — Considerations sur le forceps. Communication faite au Congrds Medical de Londres, et suivie de quelques notes complementaires. "Ann. de Gynec," June, 1882. 10. Chapman, E. N". — Steatomatous tumor obstructing labor. " Va. Med. Month.," May, 1882. 11. Mann, J. — Dekapitation mittels Ekrasement. " Centralbl. f. Gyniik.," May 27, 1882. 12. Reisz, J. — Beitrag zur Behandlung einer Uterusruptur wiihrend der Ent- bindung. " Wien. med. Woch.," June 3, 1882. 13. Spaeth and benoquin 20 Braun. — Four Cesarean sections, [Allg. Krankenhaus, Wien.] " Phila. Med. Times," June IT, 1882. 14. Dozzi, G. — Storia di una amputazione utero-ovarica per ristrettezza pelvica. (Operazione del Porro.) " benoquin monobenzone cream Gazz. Med. Ital.-Prov. Venete," June 3, 1882. 15. Mann, M. D. — Rupture of the perinfeum in labor; its prevention and treat- ment. "Buffalo Med. and Surg. Jour.," June, 1882. 16. Haet, D. B. — Note on a unique cause of delay in the third stage of labor. [Obstet. Soc. of Edinburgh.] " Edinb. Med. Jour.," June, 1882. 17. WoLCZYNSKi. — Ueber Anwachsung der Placenta und der Eihiiute. " Centralbl. f. Gynak.," June 3, 1882. 4. Dr. buy benoquin cream Kennedy narrates a case of pregnancy at the benoquin price age of sixty -two. This was the twenty-third pregnancy, the pa- tient having been regular for the most part in her menstrual history. The la- bor went on naturally, the child was a well-developed male of good benoquin online size, and five minutes after its birth the placenta was expelled. No accidents followed.

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