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Intra-Cbanial Sarcoma. — Dr. Geitening showed a brain taken from a man twenty-seven years old, who was admitted to the Mt. Sinai Hospital in June, 1881. The patient complained of headache, defective sight and memory, and dizziness. An examination revealed neuritis optica, partial paralysis of the left abducens nerve, bactrim 800 mg together with partial aphasia. The man became totally blind, sufi"ered hemiplegia of the left side, and died in a comatose condition. A tumor was suspected, and found at the autopsy. It was bactrim generic situated so as to compress the left frontal and central lobe of the cerebrum, including the island of Reil. bactrim bactrim It was a sarcomatous growth not involving the cost of bactrim brain substance. Both eyes were exam- ined, and the so-called papillitis was found purchase bactrim in each one, being an inflammatory condition of the optic disc, in which the optic nerve, was found intact. Von Graefe had theoretically bactrim 800mg explained this condition by assuming hypersemia of the retinal veins in consequence of pressure on the cavernous sinus, via the superior ophthalmic vein. Inasmuch as the superior ophthalmic formed an anastomosis with the anterior facial vein, von Graefe's theory was evidently unsatisfactory. Schwalbe's explanation was based on the communication existing between the subarachnoid space and the lymph space of the optic sheath. An accumulation IfHW YORK SOCIETY OF GERMAN PHYSICIANS. 307 of fluid woiild thus produce papillitis by pressure. In Dr. Gruening's case the nerve bactrim cost sheath was free from liquid. Benedikt attributed the production of papil- litis to vaso-motor influence. = Dr. Eudisch remarked that it was occa- sionally difiicult to distinguish between apoplexy followed by encephalitis and cerebral tumor, the more so when headache and other bactrim tablets cerebral symptoms ap- peared suddenly. It was also a well-known fact that the brain would accom- modate itself to gradual [pressure. He remembered a girl who was able to attend to her household duties up to twenty-four hours before death. The au- topsy showed a large cerebral tumor and a recent apoplectic lesion. Dr. Rudisch thought that disease of the terminal nerve filaments, as in papillitis, was not at all rare, and cited trismus, tetanus, and reflex paralysis as examples. = Dr. Gbuening denied the analogy of papillitis to tetanus, etc., and stated that the terminal organ of the optic nerve was the retina, which was not changed. Large Cerebral Tumor. — Dr. Oaille exhibited the brain of antibiotics bactrim a woman thirty years old, the immediate cause of whose death was cerebral apoplexy. The pa- tient was sick about eighteen months, complaining of constant and severe head- ache, dizziness, and a frequent desire to vomit. Inquiry and examination revealed strabismus, diminished sensibility on the right side, unsteady gait, partial aphasia, defective memory, voracious appetite, occasional elevation of temperature, and attacks of mania. The urine was normal in quantity and bactrim for mrsa quality. At times, and for a week or ten days, she was apparently quite well, and did not complain much. Her death was quite sudden ; the autopsy sulfa bactrim showed the suspected bactrim price tumor to be located in the left .^hemisphere. It was a large sarcoma, extending the entire length of the corpus callosum, from the bactrim and uti corpus striatum into the inferior cornu. In the center of this sarcomatous mass a recent hsemorrhagic clot as large as a walnut was found. Myxomatous Polypus of the Uterus. — Dr. Tauszky showed this specimen, which he had removed from the cervix uteri, its removal being accompanied by severe hsemorrhage. The doctor requested the gentlemen present to recite their experience with liquor ferri persulphatis as an haemostatic in uterine hasmor- rhage. - The Chairman remarked that the application of liquor ferri per- sulphatis to the cervix was regarded a safe procedure, but he believed that there was much danger in applying it in the cavity of the womb. A mixture of equal parts of glycerine and liquor ferri had been recommended instead. Cyst of the Broad Ligament. — The Chairman showed this specimen, which he had removed from a woman twenty-two years old. [See the proceed- ings of the New York Obstetrical Society, " N. Y. Med. Jour, and Obstet. Eev.," Aug., 1882, p. 165.] Cervical Spondylitis. — Dr. Bbandeis spoke of a girl seventeen years old who suffered from chronic otorrlioea. bactrim prices She also complained of a pain in the throat, antibiotic bactrim and, on examination, a small elastic swelling was detected posterior to the left palato-glossal arch. Periamygdalitis was suspected, and some relief was afforded by puncturing the swelling. Two days later a second puncture was necessary, upon which a few drops of pus escaped. The patient now complained of pain in the left shoulder, and severe pain on pressing upon the spinous proc- ess of the third cervical vertebra. The swelling, which was now quite large, was again punctured, and much pus was removed. A consultation was arranged with two eminent medical men. One gentleman pronounced it spontaneous spondylitis with retropharyngeal abscess ; the second gentleman pronounced it an hypostatic abscess, taking its origin from the Eustachian tube. ==^= Dr. 3Qg PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. Jaoobi thought that an ordinary pharyngitis or amygdalitis might lead to super- ficial caries of the bactrim 400 mg vertebral body. If this vie«^ of the case were correct, the prognosis would be good. A Doubtful Case of Small-pox. — Dr. Jaoobi reported a case of variola which he was unable to recognize during the first four days. A woman fifty- five years old was admitted to Bellevue Hospital some time previous, sufiering from acute nephritis. After recovering from this attack, she was again taken sick with a generic for bactrim chill ; her body was profusely bactrim and bathed in sweat and covered with a sudamina-like eruption, the face being free. Her temperature ranged from 101° to 105° F. ; the urine contained albumen and renal elements. On the fourth day her face became covered with numerous pustules, not at all characteristic in appearance, but sufficiently so to establish the diagnosis. Dr. Janeway, Health Commissioner, had reported that similar doubtful cases were not rare. Intestinal Obstruction. — Dr. Sohwedleb gave the history of a man sixty- three years old who died from this cause. The patient was anasmic, and a sufierer from chronic constipation, and it was his custom to take a "saline aperient once a week. On February 6th he complained of pain in the abdomen. Absolute rest, and the administration of ice and morphine, gave him relief. Two days later he vomited several times, and became collapsed, but rallied again under appropriate treatment. An obstruction in the superior part of the small intes- tine was suspected, although nothing definite was detected on a careful exami- nation. On February 11th he vomited faBcal matter, and soon died. At the autopsy Dr. Adler found the ileo-csecal valve completely clogged up by numerous small mrsa bactrim lumps of hard ftecal matter. The small intestine had a bluish-red color, the parietal peritonaaum was of normal appearance ; the visceral peritonseum was found in a state of acute hyperemia.

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