The short story "Chuck and Omaha" first appeared in Snarf #10 and reveals how Chuck and Omaha met.  

1. “Dick Disgusting’s New-Wave Nature Notes” - David Standish, Jerry Sullivan and Skip Williamson
2. “School Daze” - J.D. King
3. “They Were in Love” - John Eberly and Mary Fleener
4. Untitled - P.S. Mueller
5. “Back to Obedience School” - Chester Brown
6. “The Floating Skull” - Dennis Worden
7. “Im-PET-uous” - Mary Fleener
8. Untitled “Omaha” story (later titled “Chuck and Omaha”) - Kate Worley and Reed Waller
9. “John and Diane” - P.S. Mueller
10. “Mortimor Gerg” - Marc Hansen
11. “Phoebe & the Pigeon People “ - Jay Lynch and Gary Whitney
12. “Creepy Snuff Porn” - Howard Cruse
13. “The Lord of Eltingville His Way” - Drew Friedman


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