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Welcome, fans, furrys and discerning adults to the new official Omaha the Cat Dancer website!

Complete Omaha Vol. 6

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Intro by Terry Moore

“…(Omaha) could be used as a manual in the craft of creating comics in serial form…delineated with an unblinking charm…” – Neil Gaiman

“Given…the dominant effect of these books as intelligent, reasoned social commentary, their social and artistic merit, their educative rather than corrupting influence, and their honest portrayals of human relationships, particularly those involving disabled people and gays, it cannot be said that anything in these books would be injurious to the public good.” – The Indecent Publications Tribunal of New Zealand

"…a spunky, sexy, cleanly drawn contemporary soap opera about the life and loves of a nude terpsichorean who happens to be a, er, uh, a cat. Kate Worley and Reed Waller are the intelligence guiding this fable. It is a magazine that has the religious right crazed. It is wonderful.” – Harlan Ellison

After a long catnap, Omaha is back to delight her longtime fans and to strut her stuff for a new generation.  
The beloved international adult comics favorite by Reed Waller and Kate Worley has found a new life in a series of volumes that collect all of the Cat Dancer’s previous adventures, including rarities that have never been reprinted before. And the long-awaited final chapters of the Omaha story are in the works, making this the ideal time for newcomers and longtime fans alike to step into the world of this groundbreaking comics series.  
Here you’ll find the history of Omaha, information on the creators, vivid artwork, and news on the latest Omaha publications. Check back frequently for new additions to the Cat Dancer’s home in cyberspace.

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